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Research solutions that guide decisions on how to market your category-specific products and services.


We have a set of solutions that collaborate with those who are in charge of brand management.


We measure customer satisfaction and create insights to define retail brand strategies and repositioning.


Get to know the consumer in-depth by means of our products. Understand how consumers think, their habits, attitudes and behaviors.


We help marketing teams evaluate your products and define the best price for your consumers.


• campaign testing
• learning and understanding the target's habits and behaviors
• campaign rejection and approval
• campaign recall

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Our CONECTAí netizen panel is managed in a way that guarantees the quality of the quantitative and qualitative data collected. It makes use of innovative methods to identify, engage and draw loyalty from those who participate in our panel. Today, we have over 750,000 registered netizens sharing opinions and ideas.

Today, we have over 750,000 registered netizens sharing opinions and ideas.

Panelist portal

We continually enrich the profile information on the CONECTAí registered netizens so that the feasibility of specific projects and the pre-selection of precise targets are made easier. With this information in hand, we manage to obtain market diagnoses based on the main consumption and behavior data on netizens.

We make specialized reports available, providing information on different categories:

Banks and Insurance companies

Shopping / retail activities

Home and family care

VTravel and leisure


Retail business


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The online qualitative research is a chat that identifies needs, drivers, determines trends, behavior patterns and evaluates perceptions. It can be accomplished with in-depth interviews, customized online communities or online groups.

The unique features of an online qualitative research:

- They express their emotions in writing by means of emojis and other expressions: #lovedit, =), OMG!, Ouuuunnn!, <3, among others.

- Easy and quick respondent recruitment process on the CONECTAí panel

- Quick results with automatic transcriptions.

- It allows tests to be conducted quickly by sharing photos, videos, images, and other stimuli.

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Developed in partnership with IBOPE DTM, the CX Report measures consumer experience indicators regarding different areas and brands.


- It measures brand penetration over the past 12 months

- It indicates levels of consumer satisfaction with brands, and the likelihood of recommendation (NPS)

- It allows the comparison among the competitors regarding the average NPS for the category

- It analyzes the main combinations among brands and measures leveraging potential among them

- It understands the main socio-demographic characteristics of detracting and promoting consumers

Conecta Express is online research that is conducted by applying the omnibus method, where specific questions of several companies are dealt with in a single research activity. Represented by Brazilian netizens and a monthly frequency, it answers many marketing and communication questions: probes consumer habits, possession of assets, brand awareness, socio-economic profile, tracking activities, category and product penetration. All this with great value for the money.


2,000 online interviews are conducted countrywide, representing the netizen population extracted from the CONECTAí database:

- Men and women;

- 16 years old or older;


- from every region in the country (North/Midwest, Northeast, South and Southeast)

Have you ever thought about having the research results in one week's time?

On Demand is an "on-demand" research type that delivers the results in one week. It allows probes to be conducted with great value for the money, and answers specific questions about momentary events.

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A partnership program where IBOPE Conecta plans, programs and analyzes the study in exchange for the possibility of inviting the respondent to take part in the CONECTAí panel.

How does it work?

The research is programmed by IBOPE Conecta and sent to the partner's digital channels.

What can be studied?

Some suggestions: - the profile of those who visit the website

- Strategic planning

- Concept testing

- Content creation

- Service and product evaluation

- Digital channel evaluation

What does the partner need to do?

- To propose the questions that they would like to ask

- To advertise the research link on banners, e-mail marketing, apps, social networks or websites. The display spaces must be highlighted so that they can engage more responses.

-Incentives may be offered so that they are more appealing.

Customized solutions for the following situations:

- Analyses of research that the client has already conducted

- New research planning

- Client's database analysis

- Audit/technical check conducted

Technical statistics are applied to guarantee security and a basis for conclusions and recommendations.

Why do it online?

Up-to-date language
Presentation of visual stimuli
The netizen can choose when and where to answer it
Future behaviors are anticipated
A phenomenon is explained more quickly
No geographic barriers

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